Tatilglobal operates under ERS SEYAHAT ACENTELİĞİ TURIZM TİC.LTD.ŞTİ Tourism that is active in the tourism sector since 18 years and leading the development of the sector with innovative investments.

Experience we have in different areas of the sector locally and most appropriate holiday worldwide blends with international culture, airfare, transfers, bus tickets, car rental, spa reservations, tours and viewing from different angles M.I.C.E management, innovation adds, develop and differentiates. not to be ordinary, in pursuit of which is quite unusual and memorable. Our expertise is located outside the classical sense; We offer creative ideas and advantageous solutions for applications in the field. Our rich experience, experienced and perfectionists. Your solution partner of your destination as a part of your business. Energetic and experienced team, individual and corporate travels towards you communicate your well, you know, and we act as one of you. World and Turkey in the bond of trust with the best solutions in the field of travel and event management we have established with our partners we offer full service.

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